Cell phone repairs and Tablet mail in services

Mail instructions

Cell phone repairs, iPad or Samsung tablet mail in instructions, please do not include any chargers or any original box or accessories such as case covers. All estimates are free for our costumer unless you are a Business repair shop, please call us ahead of time. Turn around time 3 to five business days upon received device, Data recovery turn around time up to 4 weeks depending on the severity of the case. Our work is guaranteed up to 30 days, upon approval for repairs, your device will be shipped  and insured. Please place a note before shipping of the issues  you are having with the Device and below there is a form you can send to us prior to shipping if you have any additional questions.

Disclosures : Computer Solutions Advocates is not responsible for any  damaged upon receiving your device please make sure you place insurance for before shipping. 

Make sure your device is labeled Fragile before shipping 

If you are not sure how to ship your device we can help you by sending a package with a label upon receiving this, just simply package your device ,place the label and ship.

You may choose how you want to send by UPS/FedEx/USPS

If you decide not to repair your device you are responsible for shipping cost to send back.

Please Mail to the following Address:

Computer Solutions Advocates

241 Ruby Ave Ste 212 Kissimmee FL 34741 



Mail in Form or Q&A

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